WordPress Premium VS Custom Theme (Updated)

The most common question if someone wants to build a website which one is best for my website? WordPress Premium theme or custom WordPress theme. There is a lot of questions about the premium theme and custom theme. At the end of the articles, you can decide which one is best for your website. Let’s see

What is premium WordPress Theme?

The premium theme is a ready-made WordPress theme which is developed a group of peoples and sell the themes in the different marketplace. This theme has a lot of premade functions and has a lot of design demo. People going to theme market and find the theme according to their requirements and purchase the theme.


How much the price a premium theme?

It will vary in design and functionalities of the theme. But most the time the premium theme price is under $100 but some of theme have a package for year to year or lifetime so the price is different like Divi theme price for one year package only $89 but lifetime $249 as well as a regular theme like Enfold theme price is only for $39. So the price is not same for every WordPress theme.

Which marketplace is best for a premium theme?

There are many online marketplaces to sell WordPress premium theme which are very popular to sell theme. They maintain the quality of theme and coding as well as the design concept. Let’s see some of the popular marketplaces.

Also, there are many theme Clubs like Elegant Themes, MyThemeShop, YITH Themes, Tesla Themes, Themify, Themeisle, StudioPress, FrogThemes, Theme Foundry etc.

What should I think of buying a theme?

  • Is the theme as per my requirements?
  • Will I get support for few months?
  • Did the theme have a lot of good reviews?
  • Does theme provide a Page Builder like Visual Composer or their premade page builder?
  • What happens if I switch another theme in future?
  • Does the theme include a child theme?
  • Is the theme author a recommended one?

Advantages of a premium theme:

  • Readymade theme with Better design
  • Good SEO standards functionality
  • Better page speed (Depends On Theme)
  • Better user experience
  • Drag and Drop Page builders.
  • Demo content import as like demo design
  • Set up design without coding
  • Professional looking
  • Save money to build website
  • Responsive design
  • Premiums plugins included
  • Extensive support options
  • Easy Customization options
  • Uniqueness

Why price is very cheap?

I will show you an example so that you can understand why the price is very cheap and how they sell the theme. The most popular theme is Avada theme and that is featured theme on ThemeForest. This theme has sold over 378,732 times and theme regular license price is only $39 and the extended license is $2950 so if we just calculate the regular license with 378,732 times it will be $14,770,548. So we understand that premium theme is made for selling multiple time and generate a lot of money. And that’s why the price is very cheap. Remember those premium themes authors don’t create themes for you though, although they’re bespoke design, the theme can be used by hundreds or thousands times so if you don’t want to be hundreds or thousands of others. So if you think you need a bespoke feel, you might not get everything you want.

How to install a premium theme?

It’s very simple as like as others theme set up you did before. Login to WordPress admin dashboard and go to appearance then click on themes there you will get an option to upload the new theme. After install it activate the theme. Sometimes you face problem to upload the theme if the file size is large. There is another option to upload the theme by cpanel. Go to cpanel click on files manager then Wp-content then theme and there you can upload the theme in ZIP format then unzip it. Now you can see the theme on the dashboard. Also, the premium themes will come up with details documentations so you need not worry about it.

How Can I customize it?

If you want to customize the theme design you easily to change the built-in functionality. Also if you have some coding knowledge that will be great but if you want to change theme core functionality you need to know PHP, HTML, CSS etc. So it will best if you can hire a freelance Web Developer. It will save your time and money also.

So if you want to save a lot of time and money, the premium theme is the best choice and you can customize it according to your requirements. But if your budget is good and wants to build a very professional website only for your custom theme is the best fit for you.

What is a custom theme?

Which themes are built for the single person and only use for him, don’t have included a lot of unnecessary coding files that does not really need to call in a theme is call custom theme. A custom theme is developed by a WordPress Developer and a customer will provide the design and a front developer will make it HTML and CSS / Web format and a Web developer will convert it to WordPress theme.

How much it cost?

To build a custom theme need a lot of time but if you will find expert one, he can save a lot of time also money. The cost will depend on PSD design and also on your requirements. But generally, a simple three pages website may cost about $300 to $500. But if you have a lot of plans for the site it will cost more than $2000+.

Advantage of custom theme

A custom theme has a lot of features that will help you to get professionalism on the web. Let’s see the advantage of custom theme

  • Strong security
  • Fast loading
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive design
  • Developer will take care of the site development
  • Necessary functionality
  • Easy to maintain
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Unnecessary codes don’t call

What I should think of making a custom theme?

Before making a custom theme you need to think actually what you need and make sure about your requirements that will help the web developer to make the theme. Also, you need to make a PSD design of the website so the developer can easily make the theme. Also, you need to set up how many pages you want and do you want to update the content or not? And then you can contact a web developer to make the theme.

Where I can get a web developer to make the theme?

There is a lot of freelance marketplaces to hire a web developer Upwork and Fiverr is one of them. Also, you find some design company on the website. But they will charge a lot and after making the theme their responsibility will be done so personal developer will be the best choice as they will take care if you need to change anything in future as they will develop the site so tiny work will not take a lot of time to change.

How can I check the custom theme perfect?

That Is a great question and after complete the theme, you need to check theme so you can simply go to admin panel and then plugins and add a new plugin named Theme Check and you can easily check the theme by this plugin.

Can I check the responsive design?

After complete the theme, you can copy your site URL and go to Google responsive checker and then paste the URL. It will show you the site is responsive or not. Do you really need a responsive website? Sure there is an article about this you can check so that you can understand.

Custom theme and premium theme have a lot of difference like time to build a website, security, SEO, Time and money. But my suggestion for you, if you have a lot of plan about your website in future and you will add a lot of content and images and the website will be heavy, you should go with the custom theme. But if you just want a website on a tight budget you can go with the premium theme but before buying the theme you need to check the review the theme and also the check the demo designs. In the meantime, you can test the speed and responsiveness.

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