What do you need to make a Website?

Wow, that is a common question when someone wants to build the site first time also don’t know actually what needs to be get started to make a website. Today I will show how you can get started to make your first website. So get in touch with me and if you have any question please don’t forget to comment.

To make a professional website you don’t need to be a web developer or don’t need to know about the programing language just you need to have the confidence and get in touch with me. First of all, you need a Domain name also a hosting place where we can keep the website files to host. Also, I think you need to have some graphics and content for the site as you are going to show the site to the world. Let’s Have a look how you can best domain and hosting.


Domain is a web Name and people come to the site by the name like I am going to show you an example “ Paulwebsitedesigns.com” It’s a domain name and I bought it but the most important
thing is to buy a proper domain name according to your business, Industry or niche. If you are domain a business and your product is only computer chair but you bought a domain wheelchair
(.com) so think what will happen with your business for the wrong domain name also you need to choose SEO friendly domain name. Also, the domain should be available and then you can buy it if someone already bought it you are not able to buy it again. So let’s find a domain name.

Find a domain name with Namecheap with computer Chair but the domain name is bought by someone and you can buy it by offering but in this case the price is very high and sometimes that is affordable. So We will try to find a domain that is about similar and SEO friendly domain so We will take a help of this site that will find an SEO friendly domain for us. Go to this link and just put the word ( Computer chair) and then it will give us a suggestion of SEO friendly domain, Greta Ha!

So We will get an SEO friendly Domain buycomputerchair.com and then we will purchase for one year if you need more years you can add years.

So We have successfully bought the domain name so let’s buy hosting.


You can ask why do you need to buy hosting and if is very important? Sure you need to buy hosting if you want to build a professional website with any CMS or with HTML and CSS files. We will add content, images, logo, video, audio etc. to our site so we have to keep the files online and when someone will come to our site they will see the site So we need hosting to store the website files. After purchase, the domain and hosting you need to connect the domain to the hosting. Then you can see the domain name online.

But It’s just a first step to setup website then you have to set up CMS like WordPress Joomla or static HTML and CSS file to design and run the site. So in the next tutorial, I will show you can install word press to your domain and set up a free theme from wordpress.org. So get in touch with me and don’t forget to share the post and subscribe my channel on YouTube.

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