Find a web developer to build a professional website for less than $100?

When I was trying to build my career as Freelance Web Developer and earn money from home, One day a man from the USA ask me is it possible to build a professional website for less than $100? And then I try to make him understand it is possible but how much time do you want designer or developer to spend on your project. If your requirements are high and will take a lot of time also need to build a website from starch it is not possible within the budget. As there budget is a big issue when starting a business, but spending a little more for quality assurance is always a mindful choice.

How do you need to setup website?

To make a website the first time you need a domain and hosting but most importantly you need to think about the branding like what keyword you need to rank on Google also you need to create some graphics like a logo, banner, icons ETC. Then you have to think about your domain Name that will be SEO friendly and in the future, it will help you to the rank site and branding your site. You can check one of my article where I explain how you can find SEO friendly domain and affordable Hosting. It may cost $20 for the domain and host if you follow my article. At the same time, you can create a simple logo that may cost $5 to $15 only.

What should I do before contact with Web Developer?

Figure out what you want. Do what you yourself then contract with someone to build the website you can want also you’ll have hosting and domain registration to pay out of pocket.
Let’s have a look what you need before contact with a developer that you can do easily.

  • Find SEO Domain
  • Fastest Hosting
  • A branding logo
  • Some icons and favicon (If you need)
  • Website content (You can write)
  • How many Pages You want

These are the basic thing that you want to know and there are some advance point that you also know if you want professional website

  • Responsive design (Mobile Friendly)
  • SEO friendly (Search engine optimization)
  • Google fast loading Speed test pass
  • Google Responsive Speed test pass
  • User friendly

Where I have to find Web Developer?

You find someone in the 3rd world country where hourly rates are $5–10, that means 10-20 hours max. I think India, Bangladesh, Indonesia can be a good choice. I think you can try Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace. You can post your requirements and budget but you need to be very careful with hiring. Just because there are so many newbies on Upwork who wants to get their freelance career started so they might do a nice work for a lesser price.


Fever is a marketplace where you can do anything for $5 that they are saying but that is not possible to fulfill your requirements. If someone really gives your offer $5 to make a website, the site will have issues. Sites made that cheap generally are done so leveraging templates in order for the developers to make a profit. If you are looking to create a professional site I would like to find best web developer one and you need to tell the developer about your requirements then set a price for the project but generally to make a site with any readymade WordPress template like Divi Theme , Avada Or Enfold theme from Themeforest will cost less if you provide the theme with domain, hosting, content, logo, and images. Most of the Fiverr seller are form 3rd world country where hourly rates are $5–10, that means 10-20 hours max. When dealing with the developer I recommend investing time, energy and resources into them.

Note: In this marketplace, you have to search Web developer also you can post a job but this market is familiar for searing the best one. Also, there is three level of sellers like Level One, Two and Top rated. You can contact with level one or Two seller who’s can offer an affordable price. Fiverr will charge you also from seller 20%. Here the service is called Gig.


Upwork is another marketplace where you can find quality Web developer for you. You may get a site that looks good. It’s possible to get a site that looks good and is responsive, but for SEO, for future proofing, for simple documentation as well as video training. But here is very hard to find a cheap price but there are so many newbies on Upwork who wants to get their freelance career started so they might do a nice work for a lesser price. But you need to take interview them and have to tell them your requirements. You need to post a job with your requirement and you can set hourly or fixed price. As we are looking for affordable or limited budget price so we can set as fixed price. But you think you need to hire best one Web Developer form third world country like Bangladesh or India that will be another best choice as their hourly rate is about $5 to $15. Sometimes you face a problem with their English but that is not a big deal I think so.

Note: You need to post a job and hire developer by hourly or fixed also Upwork will charge 20% from the developer.

So there are many ways to find a Web Developer from different marketplace or website but if you want to make website with a developer who will give support for a long time and will provide all the necessary thing that you needed to buy also take care of them for year to year that will be great for you. Support is very important when you are going to make a website.

I hope if you follow the steps to hire a developer to make a website less than $100, you will get a professional website. In this article, I mention Web Developers who are working on WordPress CMS and WordPress is Free CMS also have a lot of free themes and premium professional theme. Within this tight budget they may set up a free theme or can install a premium theme (if they have multiple License) also they will customize it according to your requirements. But if you will have them to build a custom theme that is not possible anyhow within this tight budget. As a developer need a lot of time to build a custom theme. So you can provide the theme that will be great and set up a professional website for you.

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