Do I really need responsive design?

We are growing day by day and the internet world is changing a lot within few years and responsive design is getting popular also. A few years ago we used to browse the website from Desktop computer and the website was built for a desktop device. Then we got laptop different screen size and the laptop is getting popular day by day. Now we are not used to browsing website form desktop. Mobile is our favorite device also tab and small laptop computer. So we need our websites responsive as well as mobile-friendly.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design means a website that has been flexible to show the content, images, and structure of the site remains good on mobile and small devices. Like, when a user accesses a site on their desktop, they are getting the full view of the site as well as to visit the site from their mobile phone, tablet or their small devices, the site will fit automatically on the smaller screen.

How can a developer Explain Responsive:

A responsive website means intelligent coding structure and media queries for different devices which help to detect the browser width or screen size and adjust the page elements according to available width of the browser. When this type of website giving response to the opening browser so it called responsive website.

Why should we have our site Responsive?

  1. Small devices user are increasing day by day and in the future, the number will increase.
  2. Most of the people like to do shopping online so they are using mobile or tab to buy product from online
  3. There is a lot of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram also LinkedIn and we are getting a large number of visitors from the social media but think most of the time we are using the social Medias from our smartphones.
  4. Responsive design impact on Google search ranking so to get rank and do SEO we should have responsive website
  5. When you will make a website for more screen sizes it will help to get more visitor from more devices
  6. Make website easier for the visitor, It will help to return more profit from the site.
  7. If the website is very easy to navigate from all major devices it will help to provide the better user experience.

If my site is not responsive what will happen?

If the website is not responsive feature so if someone will view on a cell phone, it will not show properly as well as adapt to the size of the screen. As a result, everything will look very small and it will be hard to navigate and difficult to see the website with a scroll bar at the bottom of the website.

Mobile and tablet PC User In 2016 & 2017:

The small devices users are increasing rapidly so the desktop user is reducing and people are comforted to use their mobile device as it is very easy to carry also to use. So let’s see the uses of mobile and tab user in 2016 & 2017 of our total Internet usage.


In October 2016, worldwide mobile and tablet usage was 51.3%

In August 2017, worldwide mobile and tablet usage was 57.3%

New Zealand stats

August 2016, Mobile and desktop Internet usage was 35.7%

August 2017Mobile and desktop Internet usage had risen to 44.8%

So We see that the total usage is increased by close to 10% in just one year.


USA is now significantly higher at 51% compared to the desktop (42%).

So if we don’t make our website responsive now, we are not able to lead the world.

How can I check responsive design?

There is a lot of online tools to check responsive design but Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool will help us to check response design on our website. You need enter the address of your site and check the site according to Google regards as mobile-friendly or not. From my experience, I can tell the Mobile-Friendly Tool is really generous. Let’s try to pass sites as being mobile-friendly even when we think some work is needed to improve their mobile performance. if the tool shows your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you really have a problem with your website.

How can I make my current Website responsive?

If you want to make your website response you need to CSS coding as well as media queries for different devices. Also, you have to ensure what CMS you are using like WordPress, Joomla Or Magento or Static website or any PHP framework. Now we have to investigate how many users browse your website from which devices. If you found most of the visitor come from mobile or tablet devices you should make your site responsive website. In this case, if you can hire an expert web developer who is an expert on CSS and as well as CSS media queries from any marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr that will help you save some money and time also.

To lead the next year on the web, responsive design is must also Google are giving priority to the rank site for responsive design of the website. So it’s the best time to make the site responsive to your business on the web.

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